Duomo station
Metro Line 1

Studio Fuksas | 2021

Duomo station was designed by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas, who also signed the restyling of the Piazza Nicola Amore above, at the intersection of Via Duomo and Corso Umberto I.

During the excavation work for the construction of the station, parts of the temple of the Isolympic Games established by Augustus in 2 AD were found. An Olympic citadel stood close to the sea, skirting the coastline in the area where today the station.

The discovery of the temple, still in progress, has had a decisive influence on the architectural design of the underground station which, once the works are completed, will encompass a vast museum area of about one thousand square meters.

In fact, in the excavations of the Duomo station, numerous finds and fragments of competitive inscriptions in Greek were also found, recalling the names of the winners of the competitions. It was thus discovered that the competitions did not only include sports disciplines, as in the Olympia competitions, but also artistic disciplines, on the model of the Panathenaic Games, to reiterate how different aspects of traditional Hellenic culture had come from the sea in the westernmost of the Greek cities.

At the second underground level, you enter the part of the station linked to mobility and urban travel.

Here the perceptual experience changes: color and geometric textures are entrusted with the task of accompanying the rhythm of the journey on the subway.

The descent to the train platforms, forty meters deep, is divided into four levels through a path characterized by hexagonal geometries carved into steel coatings and backlit with multicolored LED technology. "It's like a walk through the hours of the day - says Massimiliano Fuksas - the colors change, ranging from light blue to orange at sunset and beyond, to night. It is almost the walk of an astronaut who sees the earth from the moon and observes the phases of the day that follow one another ”.