Vanvitelli Station
Metro Line 1

Michele e Lorenzo Capobianco | 2005

Planned by the architect Michele Capobianco and opened to the public in 1993, Vanvitelli station was restyled between 2004 and 2005 (thanks to Lorenzo and Michel Capobianco, as well as the artistic advice of Achille Bonito Oliva), renovating the station’s large interior in order to house works by eight masters of modern art.
Luminous internal spaces are characterised by careful and sensible use of colours, ranging from blue to yellow, from lilac to various shades of grey.
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The dazzling entrance hall features a work by Giulio Paolini, a giant boulder that appears to be on the verge of shattering its transparent enclosure. The two lateral corridors house on one side the long stripe by Vettor Pisani - an enigmatic and suggestive synthesis of images from differents epochs and styles- and on the other side photographs of the architecture of the city of Naples by Gabriele Basilico and Olivo Barbieri.
Unfolding upon the blue vault of the lower floor is the spectacular neon blue spiral of Mario Merz. The work- designed by the artist shortly before his death- runs along the vertical wall with a theme of prehistoric animals. Two large steel stars by Gilberto Zorio are attached to the side walls, filling the station’s space with an interplay of fullness and emptiness.
The “mouths of light” of Gregorio Botta, located at the intersection between the “Garibaldi” and “Piscinola” routes, are an invitation to slow down and have a look inside of the eight cylinders. On the platform floor, the two large mosaics by Isabella Ducrot draw the attention of the travellers to the chromatic and sensory qualities of the materials used in its execution.


Text | Maria Corbi

Photo | Peppe Avallone, ANM archive