Rione Alto Station
Metro Line 1

Renato Miano | 2002

The station’s second exit was inaugurated in December 2002, joining the art stations through the presence of the works of renowned international artists and those of young emerging Neapolitan artists. The outside layout, with glass and metal cupolas corresponding to each entrance, is further enriched by a mosaic by Achille Cevoli.
In the entrance hall is Wall drawings by David Tremlett, with their geometric forms running the length of the walls.
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Then, between the conveyor belts and the escalators, travellers come across seven panels by the Neapolitan Giuseppe Zevola.  This is then followed by a sequence of obsessively reiterated faces by Katharina Sieverding and Rem and Jsr, the two light-boxes of the couple Bianco-Valente (Giovanna Bianco and Pino Valente), which loom over the traveller from the tops of the vaults of the gallery leading to the tracks.  
After finishing the descent, the footballers in action by Marco Anelli accompany the traveller to the platforms, in addition to the permanent exposition of emerging artists selected by Paola Guadagnino: Pennacchio Argentato, Donatella Di Cicco, Danilo Donzelli, Pina Gigi, Ivan Malerba e Marco Zezza


Text | Maria Corbi

Photo | Peppe Avallone, ANM archive