Materdei Stazion
Metro Line 1

Atelier Mendini | 2003

Materdei Station was planned by Atelier Mendini, as was Salvator Rosa Station. With its opening in 2003, a new vitality and prestige was thus conferred on Piazza Scipione Ammirato, transformed into a pedestrian area, enriched with green spaces, new urban amenities and works of arts, such as Carpe Diem, the ironic sculpture in coloured bronze by Luigi Serafini and the ceramic reliefs which cover the external elevator, the work of Lucio Del Pezzo. Another interesting sight is the entrance which is covered by mosaic and presided over by a large green and yellow star.
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The steel and coloured glass spire, quite similar to the ones at Salvator Rosa Station, accentuates the piazza and lightens up the entrance hall of the station, where green and blue tones predominate. The monumental mosaic by Sandro Chia with marine representations covers the base of the spire inside the station, while on a white wall are the striking solid geometric designs of Ettore Spalletti.
The ramp which leads down the lower levels passes underneath mosaics with ceramic reliefs by Luigi Ontani, a great marine expanse in which fantastic creatures and Neapolitan people splash around with a Pulcinella with the face of the artist.
On the track level, just after getting off the escalator, we find the refined drawings on wood panels by Domenico Bianchi, while the entire central corridor is covered by the extremely colourful Wall Drawings by Sol LeWitt, the father of minimal art, and creator of the fibreglass sculpture which is found at the end of the corridor.
Lastly, both platforms are enriched by the coloured silkscreens of Mathelda Balatresi, Anna Gili, Stefano Giovannoni, Robert Gliglorov, Denis Santachiara, Innocente and George Sowden.


Text | Maria Corbi

Photo | Peppe Avallone, ANM archive