Dante Station
Metro Line 1

Gae Aulenti | 2002

The station in Piazza Dante was inaugurated on March 27 2002. The plans of the architect Gae Aulenti also concerned the redesign of the square with respect to its 18th century buildings. The etnean stone flooring and cubic tiles follow the architectural designs of Vanvitelli, and the entrances to the station, in clear crystal and steel, were built in order to ensure visibility of the hemicycle from all sides.
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The interior of the station is covered with large white glass panels with steel studs and house the works of some well known figures of international contemporary art.
In the atrium of the station are two canvasses by Carlo Alfano; Light-Grey, from 1982, and Fragments of an Anonymous Self-Portrait, from 1985. Above the stairs which lead down to the lower level Joseph Kosuth, one of the fathers of conceptual art, places his work These Visible Things, made up of a passage from the Convivio of Dante Alighieri, “written” with white neon tubes.
The wall of the lower level is occupied along its entire length by they Untitled of Jannis Kounellis: large steel panelling on which putrelle similar to rails have been mounted, blocking numerous pairs of mens and womens shoes, a toy train, an overcoat, and a hat.
Continuing on down towards the platforms, above the escalators we find two versions of Intermediterraneo by Michelangelo Pistoletto, a reflective work which traces the outline of the Mediterranean Basin.
Lastly, Universe without bombs, kingdom of Flowers, 7 red Angels by Nicola De Maria, a long mosaic that stretches from the floor up to the ceiling, is a dance consisting of a multitude of small protruding geometric shapes and seven large colourful ovoids.


Text | Maria Corbi

Photo | Fabio Donato, Luciano Romano